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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, at least those of us in the US. For those overseas I hope summer is going well. I’m enjoying spending time at the lake and write this as I sit in front of the local public library using a free Wi-Fi connection.

The great stuff on just keeps coming. Anthony Renna continues his excellent StrengthCoach TV series with a visit to Joe Dowdell’s Peak Performance facility in New York City. Joe has a really unique business so be sure to watch Episode 10.

In addition, Anthony Donskov has yet another article up called, interestingly enough, Seals and Shoulders- Its a Balancing Act that has some great shoulder info.  We also have another shoulder article simply called Rhythmic Stabilizations from MBSC staff member Dave Rak.

For our soccer ( football) readers we have an interesting original article and a link to another. First is an article from site member Phil Hewitt called Smoke and Mirrors Training that describes the process of getting strength and conditioning done in the soccer world. We also linked to an excellent and maybe slightly disturbing article on the Ajax soccer development system written by Warrior Girls author Michael Sokolove, called How a Soccer Star is Made.

The last thing we have for you is a video of one of my new favorite exercises the 1 Leg Deadlift. After you watch this, make sure to give it a try.

As always, lots of great stuff to read and to watch on Make sure to take a few minutes and log on. Remember, if you have questions just  log on to the forum and ask. Don’t be shy.


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