Showing Up is Half the Battle

I just re-realized something. I know re-realized is not a word but, I can’t think of another word. I was reading Larry Winget’s book  It’s Called Work for a Reason ( by the way, I love Larry Winget books) and it made me realize that showing up is half the battle in strength and conditioning. In our summer program ( and really in any program) the athletes who make progress are the ones who show up every day. This is one reason I really like a four day summer program. Forty workouts will be more productive than thirty workouts for a beginner. If you miss a day in a two day a week program, that is a big problem as you only have twenty workouts for the whole summer. Fifty percent of your work week was eliminated and five percent of the whole program is gone.

Bottom line, if you want to improve, show up. Don’t miss workouts. It goes back to the “training is like farming” analogy. You have to be working if you want things to happen. Don’t miss workouts!


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  1. […] Michael Boyle posted “Showing Up is Half the Battle” on his blog,, and it really sums up the expectations and results that his athletes get during the summer […]

  2. I agree. I talk to people all the time who always want to increase the amount of workouts they have per week because they aren’t seeing results fast enough, when if they would just be consistent they would get the results they are seeking.

  3. Great post coach.Truly the most important thing is consistency.If you always miss,it’s two steps foward and one step back.My athletes have a hard time grasping that this is the secret.I always tell them as long as you are consistent I can alter the workout to further progress.If always miss you never get to milk each wrinkle completely.

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