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The Definition of Insanity

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Thur- 6 PM Flight to Long Beach CA

Fri- 2 talks at the PB Summit in Long Beach, 9 PM return flight to Boston

Sat-AM 6:30 personal training session with the Doc followed by a 5 mile AirDyne and a quick lift

PM- Zac Brown Band and Kenny Chesney

What a life!

Repetition vs Repetitions- Training Youth Athletes

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My friend Anthony Donskov wrote this article for a few weeks ago. I liked it so much we added it as a free article so more people could read it. Take a second and have a look.

Repetition vs Repetitions: Training Youth Athletes


Alwyn Cosgrove’s New Course

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By now you have received at least a few emails about Alwyn’s Death of Personal Training Webinar. If you are as tired of internet marketing as I am you might have ignored all the emails and the webinar. I know, you are thinking “I”m getting something via the internet that is talking about how tired Mike is of internet marketing”? Truth is I am tired of products and product launches. There are just too many and I have another one coming.

However, lets cut to the chase. I think there is great value in Alwyn’s info. I try to rarely sell you anything and if I do it is not because I get a generous commission. In this case, I will get a commission but that does change my belief in the value of the information. If you want to make more money and change your business and your life, click here.


Interview at

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This info is probably old news to most of my readers but I thought I’d share this link if anyone would like to read this interview.


Creating Magic- 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney

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I get lots of questions about what I’m reading and listening to. Last month I finished Creating Magic- 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell. If you own a business or manage one, read this. Disney is amazing from a business standpoint and Cockerell does a great job of telling his story and weaving it into the Disney story. I started out with the audio but eventually bought 6 copies. I kept one for myself for notes. Gave a few to key employees and a few more to friends. Get it today. You won’t be disappointed.

Barefoot Training

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My good friend and colleague Art Horne just published a book on barefoot training. You can pick it up on Amazon if you click the link below.


Here’s a little bit that Art wrote about his book:

“You know those fancy, air-filled, arch-cushioned, expensive-as-hell sneakers that you buy to enhance your performance? Well, what if we told you they were most likely not only decreasing your performance, but increasing your likelihood of injury? You would probably call us crazy.

Barefoot training has recently become popularized as a potential benefit in injury rehabilitation programs. It is also purported to serve as an additional means of injury prevention and to enhance athletic performance.  However, limited clinical research is currently available to justify this practice and even less information is available describing how one may go about safely implementing a barefoot training program.  This book explores the scientific and theoretical benefits concerning the merits of barefoot training and offers real life solutions and alternatives to all the things separating you and your feet from mother earth, including examples of specific programs and training progressions.  By the time you are through with this book, you will be part of the movement and your feet will be on their way to a happier, healthier version of their formerly miserable selves.”

Barefoot in Boston


Mitch Albom on Summer

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This was in Parade Magazine and was sent to me by my friend Michelle Amidon from USA Hockey:

Go ahead, kids. Lie in the grass. Study the clouds. Daydream. Be lazy. You have our permission.

I feel sorry for todays kids. Summer comes, theyre finally free from schooland bang! Band camp. Science seminars. Internships.

Instead of downtime, its get-up-and-go time. Chorus travel, archaeological digs, dance tours. My nephew from Michigan flew to Georgetown University for a summer medical program, replete with cadavers. He was 16.

He’s hardly alone. Some kids fill their summers with so many prep courses that theyre ready to graduate from college by the time they get there. Its all very admirable, but heres a question: Why so busy?

I can make the case for doing nothing all summer. Thats right. Nothing. I know it wont advance your kids career objectives or improve their SAT scores.

But it might be good for them.

When I think of my childhood summers, I remember lying in the grass, hands behind my head, feeling the blades dig into my fingers. I studied the clouds. I joked with my friends. None of us wore watches.

Weekdays were indistinguishable from weekends. Id wake up when my eyes opened, read comic books over bowls of -cereal, go outside with my baseball glove (just in case a game broke out), and find something to do on my bike, make things in the garage. Was it lazy? By todays standards, maybe. But there was a freedom that todays kids dont enjoy. We sat on curbs. We daydreamed. Think about the word. Daydream. It means your imagination wanders while your eyes are open.

What kid has time for that today? Preteens are on travel soccer teams. They fly to faraway cities. Play tournaments. Isnt that what pro players do?

Likewise, camps chew up the summer months, but theyre no longer just softball and swimming. There are fashion camps. Circus camps. Science camps. Achievement is emphasized.

Even kids at home find their free time under scrutiny. Some children are made to adhere to playdates as if keeping a doctors appointment. (By the way, the closest I ever came to a playdate was when my mother opened the door on summer mornings and said, Go. Dont come back until supper.)

We need to lighten it up. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. Sure, camp can be fun, and travel ball is exciting, but if we cram in activities from the last day of school to the first, were ignoring an important fact: The way kids work during the academic yearhonestly, youd think homework was a full-time joba mental break may be needed. These are young minds, young bodies. Replenishing the juices by kicking back is not a bad idea. And if not in childhood, then when?

Now, I know what youre thinking: If we dont enroll our kids in an activity, all theyll do is text. Or watch TV (and text) or talk on the phone (and text).

Well, you could prevent that. You could take away the cell phone, the iPod, the Nintendo. Then see if you can get your kid to do four things in a day:

1. Have a face-to-face conversation with a friend.

2. Read something.

3. Build something.

4. Get wet. A pool. A hose. A sprinkler. Whatever.

Thats really enough. Before you can blink, its the school year again, where every day is jammed with sports, AP classes, student government, and field trips.

Thats fine for September. But if September is no different from June, July, and August, then were doing something wrong. And our kids are missing something precious.

Mitch Albom
Best-selling author Mitch Albom is a Detroit Free Press colu


John Maxwell on Coaching

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MBSC staff member Brendon Rearick shared this with me and I want to share it with you. Make sure you read the text as well as watch the video.

10,000 Hours and Early Specialization in Sports: Mutually Inclusive?

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Here’s a link to a great article that we just posted on that examines the 10,000 hour idea popularized in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and relates it the concept of early specialization in youth sports. It was so good we added it to our Free Articles section of the site.

More Support for Playing Multiple Sports

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If you read this blog, you know I am clearly not a fan of early specialization in youth sports.  This is not as much as an ethical stance as it is a “best practices” stance. The truth is I would love for my daughter to get a college scholarship just like the rest of the parents in the world. However, I think her best chance is to be a great athlete. I also want my daughter to be healthy and to enjoy the ride. Early specialists are often not healthy and, not passionate. They are often injured and often resent Mom and Dad. I’ll take health and a great relationship with my kids and then I’ll pay for college. Take a look at this quote from the article linked below:

“Nearly half of all sports injuries suffered by middle and high school-aged children are due to overuse — and many of those injuries could have been prevented.”;twitter