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Strength Coach Creed

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This is great piece  written by Anthony Donskov that I wanted to share:

I am a strength and conditioning coach, not a cheerleader, rep counter, weight loader, scientist or lab technician. I am a motivator, not a babysitter, amateur psychologist, or boot camp instructor. I will not treat all athletes the same! I will treat athletes the way they deserve and earn to be treated. I believe in determination, sacrifice, attention to detail, respect for those that have walked before me, passion, team spirit, and good old-fashioned sweat and hard work. Lou Holtz once said: “No one has ever drowned in sweat.” I believe there are NO limits to greatness: no ceiling, or rooftop. “I believe that personal greatness is measured against ones own potential, not against someone else on the team or elsewhere” (Coach Wooden). I am not a fad, fashion or preacher. I am an educator, teacher, and role model. I am a Coach!


A Meeting of Minds

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This might be the educational event of 2011. Make sure you
make a reservation. The Arizona Grand is an amazing hotel
with a full waterpark and great restaurants. Besides this the
higher price will mean less attendees and great access to the
speakers. Come hang out with the Perform Better speakers
in the best venue we have ever had.
Perform Better


A Meeting of Minds

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A Meeting of Minds, October 27-30, 2011, Phoenix, AZ

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