Strength Coach Creed

This is great piece  written by Anthony Donskov that I wanted to share:

I am a strength and conditioning coach, not a cheerleader, rep counter, weight loader, scientist or lab technician. I am a motivator, not a babysitter, amateur psychologist, or boot camp instructor. I will not treat all athletes the same! I will treat athletes the way they deserve and earn to be treated. I believe in determination, sacrifice, attention to detail, respect for those that have walked before me, passion, team spirit, and good old-fashioned sweat and hard work. Lou Holtz once said: “No one has ever drowned in sweat.” I believe there are NO limits to greatness: no ceiling, or rooftop. “I believe that personal greatness is measured against ones own potential, not against someone else on the team or elsewhere” (Coach Wooden). I am not a fad, fashion or preacher. I am an educator, teacher, and role model. I am a Coach!


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  2. I like this. The only edit I’d offer is to strike the words “scientist” and “amateur psychologist.”
    As coaches we need to understand the psychology of motivation. We have to be able to help our athletes deal with the mental stress they bring into our environment. I personally believe the weight room is the perfect place for the psychology of performance to be practiced and there is no one who can influence an athlete more than the strength and conditioning coach.
    We are also scientists. We observe, hypothesize, prescribe treatments and measure the impact of those treatments more than anyone in sport. In too many case we may be the only professionals measuring the impact of our programs. We are physiologists and kinesiologists. We may not wear lab coats and may not randomize our treatments, but we are scientists if we are anything!

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