Joint by Joint Goes Mainstream

Our Joint by Joint concept has hit the mainstream media. Chiropractor Dr. Brent Hextell wrote this article for a Colorado website Balance in Mobility and Stability Key for Athletic Performance. To learn more about Joint by Joint, click here.

2 Responses to “Joint by Joint Goes Mainstream”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Great there is free article on called A Joint by Joint Approach to Training that goes into more detail.

  2. AWESOME!! Love this approach and it makes so much sense. Motion will occur somewhere to make up for a mobility-stability flip-flop in the heat of performance, let’s make it happen where it’s meant to. I’m definitely going to delve into this topic more on my new blog.
    Keep up the good work, Thanks,
    Greg Spatz, CSCS, CES

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