Does It Hurt?

This is one of my favorite articles. I posted it in the free section of so anyone can read it. I find myself referring to it every week. As Ben Franklin said, common sense is not very common.

Does It Hurt?

I get asked rehab questions all the time. I have rehabilitated athletes in almost every major sport who were told they were “all done” by a doctor or a team trainer. Because people know my background, they often ask for advice.

Most of the time they ignore the advice because the advice does not contain the answer they want. They say “it only hurts when I run”, I say things like “don’t run”.

A famous coach I know once told me “people don’t call for advice, they call for agreement or consensus. If you don’t tell them what they want to hear, they simply call someone else”. His advice to me, don’t bother wasting your time with advice.

Here I go again wasting time. …..  to read the rest click here



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