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The fall session is winding down at MBSC as Thanksgiving and high school hockey season approach. After this week, we’ll be taking next week to enjoy Thanksgiving and prepare for the winter session, which begins the following week. This is a really exciting time of year for us.

While the fall session may in fact be winding down, things on the forum have been really picking up. The content just keeps flooding in, and the forum discussions have gone up a notch too.

TJ Allan kicked things off with a business article called Know Your Numbers. It’s great to have more business-oriented content coming in, and if you’re a gym owner or are considering making the plunge, this is something you’ll really want to read.

Next up, David Lasnier talked about Taking Core Training to the Next Level with Perturbation. This is an interesting concept to progress a lot of the core exercises you are already probably doing.

Joseph Lightfoot changed the pace a little bit with his piece called What I Learned From Training Someone With a Disability where he discusses training a client with cerebral palsy. You begin to realize just how lucky we are to be a site with members that have such a broad range of skill sets and experiences. Joseph does a great job with this one and if you train any special population clients you will find this very useful.

Matt Delany followed up with an article called Cleaning Up the Olympic Lifts. We’ve had some recent articles and forum discussions about teaching the clean, but this piece talks more about general cues that can work well for all the Olympic lifts.

BJ Gaddour then came in with an extensive pdf file called 7 Deadly Workout Sins. This is extremely comprehensive and detailed and pertains to just about anyone that either trains people or just trains themselves (i.e. every member on the site), so definitely take the time to read this. BJ was extremely generous giving this to us, and again it makes you realize how lucky we are on the site.

Last but certainly not least, Alwyn Cosgrove wrote Training Schizophrenia, which serves as a great reminder to all of us. We’re actually planning on adding this to the “Strength Coach Classics” list, which shows you how much we like it.

On the video front, we showed a Valslide Hip Flexion drill that works as a great corrective exercise for the Hurdle Step. Jon Rimmer then showed a great progression where he adds in a rotary stability component along with a pushup. Check these out and give them a try.

Forum discussions have also been picking up, and it’s great to be able to share thoughts with some of the brightest minds in the fields. Just as an example, Dave Tenney, Joel Jamieson, and Patrick Ward have been having a great discussion about Recovery Strategies that you may want to check out.

Be sure to log on and catch up on anything you’ve missed, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The next check-in won’t be until after Thanksgiving, so take care and enjoy the holiday!


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