Robb Wolf Critiques Crossfit

Robb Wolf ( a former Crossfit Coach) does a nice critique of Crossfit. If you don’t like f-bombs, be careful. Good stuff.

Robb is the author of  The Paleo Solution

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  1. I agree with Rob that they need some kind of beginner program at corssfit. When I started at my local crossfit, I will admit I was very overweight and out of shape, they had me take the baseline test. Being competitive by nature and the coaches pushing me, I went way to hard. I almost threw up, was light headed and couldn’t see clearly for about 20 minutes. I was always sore after my workouts to the point where I could hardly walk. My shoulders were also shredded after a two months. I left crossfit and started a progressive program and am getting in shape and can still function.

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