Robb Wolf Critiques Crossfit

Robb Wolf ( a former Crossfit Coach) does a nice critique of Crossfit. If you don’t like f-bombs, be careful. Good stuff.

Robb is the author of  The Paleo Solution

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  1. This fat dude seems to be able to do it? whats up?

  2. Great podcast i loved listening to it and I couldn’t agree more. Made me chuckle a few times.

    CF is literally a cult following, I know a few people who were great everyday personal trainers with proper backgrounds in exercise physiology and exercise prescription. Than for some reason they attended the crossfit ‘Weekend warrior” certification and they were converted. Now it’s crossfit…. crossfit…. crossfit.

    I think crossfit trainers believe the best education is always the one that costs the most. If the cert was less than 1 grand do you think the trainer’s attitudes would change?

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  4. Kevin Green Says:


    Here is the back story from the horse’s mouth.

    The podcast had two of the many members that have been booted from CrossFit for not agreeing. In contrast Coach Boyle regularly discusses and openly disagrees with people on but never seems defensive or deletes their profile. There is a big difference between professionals that believe in their systems and an oligarchy that removes anyone who disagrees with them.

  5. Geoff Pritchard Says:

    Mike – True, there is a big difference between ignoring and ostracizing. I suppose I was being “diplomatic” as Robb put it, since I don’t know much of the back-story to Robb or James Fitzgerald’s ousting from CrossFit. Thanks again for posting the clip – great interview.

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    It’s not just about ignoring. It’s about ostracizing those within their own ranks who disagree. Those who buck the system leave the system or get forced out.

  7. Geoff Pritchard Says:

    I agree with Jeff…great interview. CrossFit continues to damage it’s reputation in the strength and conditioning community by ignoring great professionals like Robb Wolf. The rapid growth of CrossFit and its basic rejection of On-Ramp or Fundamentals classes will be its demise. Unfortunately, with the media attention (including CrossFit games), more people will follow this method of training which is now only geared towards extreme/above-average athletes. Read this post on the CrossFit forum (from Sept 2011) to see the ignorance of many affiliates who refuse to have beginners classes: Classic!

  8. Jeff Turner Says:

    Awesome! Crossfit made a big mistake with Robb. I would love to see him involved with MSBC. Smart training combined with smart nutrition!

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