How Do You Justify This? ( Watch the Video)

As anyone who reads this blog knows I am not a Crossfit fan. I do think that the Kelly Starrett’s of the Crossfit world really help their cause but then you see this viral Youtube video.

I found myself laughing at times and at other times cringing but, I watched the whole video.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Same for us. The Reebok commercials are perfect. People see them and think “Boyles”. They don’t think Crossfit.

  2. I remember asking Chuck Wolf years ago when i was at a seminar training what his thoughts were about the new and upcoming Crossfit. His comment ” Great for my business”. A few years later as Crossfit became popular in my area I can say too- great for my business. I end up rehabilitating those who have chosen Crossfit.

  3. The fundamental issue with Crossfit, highlighted so perfectly by this video, is that, yes, while there may be good Crossfit gyms around with good coaches, you get stuff like this coming out.

    So, when I get friends who know I lift asking me what I think about Crossfit and would i recommend them trying it, I simply have to tell them no way! Because I wouldn’t want my worst enemy doing what these people were doing in this vid – it’s clearly wrong and it’s clearly stupid and clearly comes with massive injury risk (and anyone that can’t see this should no way be coaching people!).

    If you know how to lift and how to train, you don’t need Crossfit – if you don’t know how to lift or how to train, you need to go somewhere where you can get reliably good coaching, and Crossfit provides zero certainty of tihs. That’s the reason why critiscism of Crossfit as a whole modality is valid.

  4. This is completely insane. To tell these folks “fast hips” when they can’t lift the bar past their knees is just irresponsible coaching. Not to mention dangerous. Greg Glassman–CrossFit founder–would probably be furious to see this. This IS NOT CrossFit!

  5. Wow, I love the lumbar extension (sarcastic). I guess having proximal stability and distal mobility isn’t the way to go, (actually it is)

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    Sean- you’re welcome. Keep up the good work.

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