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Saturdays post of the “Continental Clean” was the most viewed and shared post in the history of this blog. Most of you agreed that what you saw was hard to justify. Those who disagreed were all, not surprisingly, level 1 Crossfit trainers. One trainer was upset that I frequently criticize Crossfit so I must make something clear. I don’t need to criticize Crossfit. Crossfitters criticize Crossfit for me. I have posted four Crossfit related posts in the last few months. Two were written by a Crossfit Coach. One was an interview with an ex-Crossfit Coach and the last one was a video posted by a Crossfit coach. I am simply sharing information with those who care to read it. However, this post and the comments attached to it made me put this on paper.

Here is Our Manifesto

1- First we will do no harm.

As strength coaches and personal trainers our athletes and clients trust us to make decisions for them. Much like Hippocrates in early Greece we must first agree to not intentionally or unintentionally  harm them.

2- We will train no further than technical failure.

There is a difference between training to failure and training to technical failure. In truth even training to technical failure may be more intensity than a athlete or client needs. However, no client needs to train beyond the point of technical failure. After technique has failed the potential for injury rises drastically. Reps done after technique has failed is simply asking for trouble. You may not find it right away but it will find you eventually.

3- We will deliver the minimal effective dose

The minimal effective dose is a medical term but, the implication is fairly obvious. If one aspirin is needed, take just one aspirin. Don’t encourage someone to take the whole bottle. The key to delivering exercise is knowing how much is needed to create a training effect. Any more is wasted and, potentially dangerous.

As you can see, two of these concepts come from the world of medicine. I think we are the greatest medical society in the world and have more power to heal than any drug company or hospital. Much like Superheros we must learn to use our power wisely.


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  5. Extremely important advice…

    It’s scary who passes themselves off as fitness trainers today.

  6. That is a really good thorough definition of “Exercise prescription!”

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