New Episodes of the StrengthCoach Podcast and StrengthCoach TV

New Podcast Episode Highlights
Episode 93- Coach Boyle talks about the Splits in his programming, Training to Peak at a Specific Time and the biggest change in his programming over the last year.
-Nick Winkelman discusses “Session Objectives”
-Rachel Cosgrove talks about “Drawing a Line Between Your Personal Life and Business”
-Chris Poirier tells us about the Holiday Sale, the ViPR and the presenters at the One Day Seminars.
-Gray Cook discusses his new DVD, “FMS- Applying the Model”; Training on the Edge of Ability; and Core Sequencing
Click here to listen to Episode 93

Episode 94- Chris Frankel, Director of Human Performance at TRX, continues the discussion about Conditioning with an interview about his lecture “Functional Conditioning: Energy System Training”.
– Coach Boyle talks about Topical Anti-Inflammatories, Progressing Anti-Rotation, Aha Moments from some of the ESD changes being talked about and actively pursuing referrals for your business.
– Erin McGirr tells us about the the presenters at the One Day Seminars in January, the Lebert Buddy System and the Holiday Sale.
– Rachel Cosgrove talks about “Big Picture Thinking”
– Nick Winkelman talks about “The Problem Athlete”
-Gray Cook discusses the Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist
Click here to listen to Episode 94

Strength Coach TV- Episodes 14 & 15

In Episode 14 of Strength Coach TV, I visit Todd Giorgi in Scarsdale, NY for a tour of Revive Fitness Studio. Revive is a great example of a small studio doing big things.

In Episode 15 of Strength Coach TV, I visit Don Saladino in New York City for a tour of Drive 495. This is a beautiful facility that caters to golfers right on Broadway in Soho, NY. A good lesson in customer service from Don and his brother Joe.

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