AirDyne Workouts

11/ 21 7  miles on the big fan. About 14 minutes above 160 BPM. Maxed out at 180.

12/18  6x.5 mi

Work Rest

1:25    :40
1:20   1:00
1:20   1:20
1:19   1:40
1:20   1:50
1:18   169 BPM

12/23 4×1 mi

Time  HR  Rest    Time  HR     Rest    Time HR  Rest    Time   HR

4×1  2:45   157   :40    2:38     167  1:50   2:41  170  2:00  2:40  175


12 Responses to “AirDyne Workouts”

  1. Mike – I don’t know if I have an issue with the computer or not. I will try to find a gym that has an airdyne. The time doesn’t seem that outrageous to me. When I’m riding, I pay attention to the miles, wattage, and average speed. The airdyne fits me well (I’ve noticed many people ride with the seat too high), and I use a regular bike seat, not the big puffy one that came with it. I also ride a spin bike almost every day, 2 minutes (hard) out of the saddle, 1 minute recovery, for 30 minutes wearing a 22 lb weight vest. Until I find out otherwise, I’m going to think of myself as the greatest 46-year-old cyclist you know. I should be at least 2 minutes faster than Kevin Larabee.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    Craig- to be honest, either something is wrong with your bike or, you are the greatest 46 year old cyclist I know. My best time ever on the big fan is 13:17 a few years ago. I tend to be around 13:30-13:40. What level or RPM do you ride at?

  3. Ok, I removed the wind block and cranked out an 11:41. I wanted to quit 2 minutes in, but then I remembered my cycling days — it’s all about pain negotiation. I LOVE the airdyne… when I’m done.

  4. Mine has a big fan. I recently made a wind blocker that covers a portion of the fan. I’m wondering if this is cutting down the wind resistance, therefore making it easier. Although I’m an ex-cyclist and hockey player with a high pain threshold, I’m also 46 years old and should not be setting world records.

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