Episode 95 of the StrengthCoach Podcast

Anthony has a new episode of The Strength Coach Podcast up

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Episode 95 Highlights
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New Podcast Episode Highlights
Episode 95- Thomas Phillips, Senior RKC and founder of The Ultimate Transformation Challenge, joins Anthony to talk about his philosophies on body transformation psychology, coaching and teaching.
-I discuss Using Breathing Techniques with Stretching, Sprints after Sled Work, and Mark Toomey’s article “Is It Just a Sore Back?”
-Nick Winkelman discusses talks about “The AP Acceleration Method and Combine Preparation”.
-Rachel Cosgrove talks about “The Importance of Experience”
-Erin McGirr tells us about the NEW Equipment line at Perform Better.
-Gray Cook does a case study with me for a client at Five Iron Fitness.

Click here to listen to Episode 95


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