You Will Spend Money On Health Maintenance

I have a very successful client who once made a great point to me. He said “people are going to spend money on health”. He went on to say that it could be proactive ( ex. a trainer) or reactive (ex. hospitals and nursing homes). In either case the money will be spent. Proactive spending not only will prolong life, it will increase it’s quality.

Why die of preventable diseases with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank ? If you are a baby boomer go out and hire a trainer. It’s not that I want your money, most of my readers don’t live north of Boston. I just want people to be able to take advantage of natures greatest medicine, exercise.


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  2. […]  You Will Spend Money on Health Maintenance by Mike Boyle […]

  3. I don’t understand why you need a trainer if you just want to reduce the risk of you getting diseases.

    A morning power walk and a change in diet would do that much better than investing hundreds of dollars a month in a trainer.

    Or actually, investing that hundred dollars in a nutritionist would probably be even more beneficial combined with the power walks.

    Now if you want to lift heavy things without getting hurt or developing chronic injuries then yes a trainer is money well spent if you don’t want to do your own research.

  4. All sinners must Repent! Start with a foam roller flogging and end with 3 rounds of Airdyne Tabatas. You will be cleansed of all your impure acts…

  5. But can you decrease the cost of omissions with commissions?

  6. When it comes to health maintenance there are sins of omission and sins of commission… A Sin of Omission is failure to do what one can and must do. A Sin of Commission is to know something is wrong… and do it anyway.

  7. That’s like the Midas Muffler Commercial from the 80’s. “Pay me now, or pay me later”. I prefer to pay now. Great topic Mike!

  8. You can’t put it better than that.

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