Interval Training on the Airdyne

From time to time I like to post some of the interval workouts I do. One thing that amazes me is how hard it is to improve once you hit a certain point.

Workout 1 4x 1 mi Big Fan

Work       Rest

2:42         1:00

2:41        1:20

2:42       1:40


Workout 2 4 x1 mi. Big Fan

2:40     1:20

2:39    1:40

2:40   2:00


All rest were to get my heart rate down to 110 beats per minute.  I usually do this about once per week and do 8 x.5 miles another day. In addition I try to do one 5 mile ride and one 7 mile ride.


5 mi  13:26  Big Fan





20 Responses to “Interval Training on the Airdyne”

  1. […] Interval Training on the Airdyne- A great follow-up to my What is cardorespiratory training? post from earlier this week. Mike Boyle shares one of his interval training programs for a great piece of equipment to use for aerobic conditioning. […]

  2. […] but, people like Michael Boyle can play around with the training paradigms (see his views on HIIT, low-carb, unilateral training etc) precisely because he has used the existing paradigms so well, […]

  3. Appreciate your modesty, Craig.

  4. Hey Buck,
    I’ve mentioned to Mike that I use my regular cycling seat and not the one that came with the airdyne. I believe that this variable helps me ride much more efficiently, thus lowering my times.

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