Interval Training on the Airdyne

From time to time I like to post some of the interval workouts I do. One thing that amazes me is how hard it is to improve once you hit a certain point.

Workout 1 4x 1 mi Big Fan

Work       Rest

2:42         1:00

2:41        1:20

2:42       1:40


Workout 2 4 x1 mi. Big Fan

2:40     1:20

2:39    1:40

2:40   2:00


All rest were to get my heart rate down to 110 beats per minute.  I usually do this about once per week and do 8 x.5 miles another day. In addition I try to do one 5 mile ride and one 7 mile ride.


5 mi  13:26  Big Fan





20 Responses to “Interval Training on the Airdyne”

  1. My best on the 5 mile is 12:06, but normally when I do one for time, it’s closer to the 12:16-12:26 range. That’s on a small fan, and I think they run a little “faster” than the big fan. My best 10 mile is around 25:06.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    I think our best ever is 11:58 so you are a pretty cyclist.

  3. That was 11:26 for 5 miles. I am not trying to come across as an internet-tough-guy. I am an average cyclist. I have been cycling for 25 years and learned how to suffer. The “cycling snobs” I know sneer at things like spin bikes and airdynes. I try everything I hear about (I studied exercise physiology at Umass Lowell).
    What do the guys at MBSC or B.U. do for 5 miles? or anyone else?

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    I think he meant 11:26?

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    You are the man

  6. 5:26 for five miles?

  7. Large fan. I’m the cyclist guy who uses a regular cycling seat. I’ve done 5:26 for 5 miles and 24:42 for 10 miles. My best 1 mile is 2:16.
    Listening and reading your stuff during the past year 2 years has totally motivated me to rediscover my cycling talents.

  8. mboyle1959 Says:

    Small fan?

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