Another Great Crossfit Video

I know I said I would stop but every time I see one of these I just have to share it. Plus, these get more views than anything I put up. I’m not sure what I’ll do if the Crossfit folks stop videoing.


12 Responses to “Another Great Crossfit Video”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Isaac- I strained quad is a lot different than the ceiling falling in but thanks for commenting .

  2. not sure if crossfit is the problem more so than a poorly constructed home gym. if this guy was doing a rear foot elevated split squat and strained his quad or glute, i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t post that video.

  3. This video just identified a profession that can benefit from crossfit – the home repair/maintenance people!

  4. “Youth Is wasted on the young” George Bernard Shaw

  5. Your crossfit videos have got me thinking…Maybe evolution is “just a theory”.

  6. You’re right Warren, he looks like a vulture. Somebody needs to stop watching crossfit videos and maybe check out some Gray Cook or something.

  7. The most disturbing thing in this video is the guy on the right’s forward head posture.

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