Airport Record

I have to admit I haven’t been the best traveller lately. Yesterday I had a flight to Atlanta for the Perform Better 1 Day seminar at , I thought, 12:30. At 8:58 I decided to check my departure time as my schedule was not adding up in my head. I was meeting Rick Mayo from North Point Fitness at 2. How long was the flight again?

At 8:58 I realized I had a 9:45 departure and I live 20 minutes from Logan Airport. I grabbed my computer, threw on my sneakers and ran for the car. I arrived at Logan Intl at 9:25 (thank god there was no traffic) and began doing my best OJ Simpson imitation ( running through the airport, not violent crime).

I must admit that it has been a few years and few knee surgeries since my last mile run. However, I am happy to say that with about one escalator and 500 yds. to go I heard the “last call for flight 1701” announcement. I pressed on and arrived at the gate at exactly 9:45. Success, Reading, Ma to Logan airport, through security and to my gate in 47 minutes.

Epilogue- I arrived with no clothing but the stuff on my back. Rick Mayo was nice enough to drive me to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought some nice new Adidas gear. It’s almost 7 AM. Time for breakfast.


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  1. London to Denver to work with a client. Hope you got paid by the hour.

  2. Awesome story! Last month I was flying London, ON to Chicago, then Chicago to Denver to work with a client. Had 2-hour to change at O’Hare – 0:45 to get through immigration – 1:13 to change terminals and clear security. Did the RUN thinking maybe the flight would be delayed. Got there – panting all over the lady at the gate desk as I gasped – “i’m on the flight to Denver” She said ‘Ok – have a seat’….then I remembered Chicago is in the CENTRAL time zone 🙂 – had an hour to spare. Love travel!

    Great story!

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