Airport Record

I have to admit I haven’t been the best traveller lately. Yesterday I had a flight to Atlanta for the Perform Better 1 Day seminar at , I thought, 12:30. At 8:58 I decided to check my departure time as my schedule was not adding up in my head. I was meeting Rick Mayo from North Point Fitness at 2. How long was the flight again?

At 8:58 I realized I had a 9:45 departure and I live 20 minutes from Logan Airport. I grabbed my computer, threw on my sneakers and ran for the car. I arrived at Logan Intl at 9:25 (thank god there was no traffic) and began doing my best OJ Simpson imitation ( running through the airport, not violent crime).

I must admit that it has been a few years and few knee surgeries since my last mile run. However, I am happy to say that with about one escalator and 500 yds. to go I heard the “last call for flight 1701” announcement. I pressed on and arrived at the gate at exactly 9:45. Success, Reading, Ma to Logan airport, through security and to my gate in 47 minutes.

Epilogue- I arrived with no clothing but the stuff on my back. Rick Mayo was nice enough to drive me to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought some nice new Adidas gear. It’s almost 7 AM. Time for breakfast.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Rick- like the Enquirer magazine says “inquiring minds want to know”.

  2. I want confirm for everyone that Mike did have on clean underwear for the 1 Day. Well, he bought some anyway……….

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Craig- I am very proud of my “kids”. It really is awesome to see our system at work in so many places. Dan Gabelman is at Union and they are in first in the ECAC and Jamie Rodriquez is doing a great job at Clarkson.

  4. I wanted to mention what a great job Devan McConnell is doing with the UMassLowell hockey team. Yet another branch of the Boyle Tree making an impact in hockey. It must be gratifying for you to see.

  5. I always used to play “last one on the plane wins!”

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    No monitor but I was up there. All my AirDyne work paid off. I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I might be.

  7. I live in North Andover (next to Merrimack College), and have made that trip more than a few times. That’s impressive! Were you wearing a heart rate monitor?

  8. That’s awesome. You are going to be soooo sore!

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