600,000 + Views

I don’t pay a lot of attention to site stats but the other day I was curious as to how many views Strength Coach Blog had received since I started. I was surprised to see that it was over 590,000 views. Well today I passed a milestone, 600,000. Thanks to all of you who read here. I’m looking forward to 700,000.


6 Responses to “600,000 + Views”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Thanks Craig. Glad you enjoy my info.

  2. “Too many people have not heard of Mike Boyle”. I say this when I talk to people who call themselves athletes. People like Jillian Michaels and Dr. Oz become famous while someone with 100x the knowledge and common sense reaches a fraction of the population. Oh well, people get what they deserve. Keep doing your thing!

  3. Congrats Coach! 1,000,000 + Views!!

  4. That’s great. Congrats Coach!

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    I have no idea. Not even sure of the start date. 2-3 years I guess. Wish I had more info.

  6. Congratulations. When did you started? Do you have stats about some other succesful training blogs in the states? Id like to compare it with our blogs in spanish and check how far we are.

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