Pretty Strong for a Girl

Yes, the title is a joke. This is another great female strength clip. As I have said for years, our female athletes suffer from low expecations and lack of role models. Neghar is a great role model because she is extremely strong and has developed a physique that most women would aspire to.


5 Responses to “Pretty Strong for a Girl”

  1. Neghar is a goddess. She’s not only strong on the outside, she is intelligent, honest, supportive, positive minded, and proactive which makes her such a great role model. I am very new to the S&C scene and I enjoy her Eat, Lift, and Be Happy blog as well as her motivational videos.

  2. shapeupinc Says:

    Great job Neghar! More women should lift like that.

  3. shapeupinc Says:

    I totally agree with Mark, there is nothing wrong with women lifting. The myth he mentioned is really getting old. Great job, Neghar!

  4. Very impressive. This is the kind of thing that more women need to see, to invalidate the whole “I don’t want to be bulky” myth.

  5. Not a workout goes by – nor a day, for that matter – that I don’t think of, and aspire, to Neghar. Neghar, and the rest of the Girls Gone Strong. Keep rocking it, Ladies!

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