Sugar Lawsuit Being Tried In Los Angeles

Not sure about the source but I love this. Sugar producers suing the corn people? This is too good.

(Los Angeles, CA)  —  A sweet lawsuit is being tried in Los Angeles this week.  Sugar producers are suing the makers of high fructose corn syrup.  The sugar folks want the corn people to stop saying their products are similar.  The issue is centered on the Corn Refiners Association advertising that claims corn syrup is “nutritionally the same as table sugar.”  The plaintiffs say sugar is a natural product while corn syrup is man-made and less healthy.  The sugar industry also says corn syrup is causing an obesity and diabetes epidemic.  However, the corn producers defend their advertising as “truthful speech.”  High fructose corn syrup is used in soft drinks, breads, cereal and other products.


4 Responses to “Sugar Lawsuit Being Tried In Los Angeles”

  1. If anyone still thinks that “fructose is the same as any other sugar” then let this put an end to it:
    How many 90 minute academic lecutures on liver biochemistry and insulin resistance do you know that have gone viral on YouTube with over 2.2 mil views?
    Fructose and glucose have DRAMATICALLY different metabolic effects in the body (especially so for non-athletes who are “energy replete”)

  2. money probably coming from coke and pepsi.

  3. I suspect the fructose industry has been paying for astro-turf support across the web; starting a few months ago news websites reporting on the effects of fructose on the body began being inundated with comments from “users” repeating the claim that fructose is “the same” as any other sugar.

    There’s always money out there if you want to carry (sugar) water for the bad guys.

  4. Now this is one to watch, two industries that are killing us, each having to defend how they are doing it. Awesome.

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