Are College Football Players Bodies Being Abused

This is a pretty good perspective from agent Jack Bechta. Nice to see that agents are waking up to some of the problems in collegiate strength and conditioning. Thanks to Cal Dietz for forwarding.

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  1. Max Prokopy Says:

    I agree with Bruce. Although I’m all for having a more rigorous approach to proper programming and return-to-play, we have to keep in mind: 1) re-vamping the paradigm must be applied to all sports at high cost; not just football; and 2) many head football coaches don’t see their strength coaches as part of a physcial program alone. Urban Meyer called Mickey Marotti his “head coach in the basement” and so on. Many in the industry believe in the mental toughness part of their programs and for many of them that’strain to failure, technique-out-the-window workouts. Bottom line, numerous head coaches PREFER seeing their athletes work this way. Until that changes, who they hand pick for S&C (and what the workouts entail) is very far downstream.

  2. shapeupinc Says:

    It might be existing in most sports but I think that sports which have a more public profile it is more common, since the athletes at that level do consider potentially a professional career, college coaches have pressure to produce successful players but don’t necessarily have the background to provide a training that takes the developing body of a young male/female into account. The maturing process is often not fully completed and I can see where faulty techniques in order to lift heavier weights will lead to chronic injuries, in some case career ending injuries.

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  4. Mike,
    I would argue that it is all sports not just football. The so-called Olympic sports fly under the radar but have the same issues just not the funding and attention that football and basketball get.

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