Foam Roller Follow Up

Wow, what an amazing response to yesterdays post. This blog had nearly three times more views than the highest day ever and almost ten times more views than an a average day! I guess I struck a nerve. Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate Mike Nelson ( the author of one of the posts discussed in the article) taking the time to read and comment. Please don’t take this as a sales pitch but, if you want to learn more about foam rolling from a “how to” standpoint I have a DVD that you can get from Perform Better

Foam Roller Techniques DVD

Here’s a sample clip


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  1. ProUnit Performance Trainer Says:

    I saw your foam roller review and wanted to share my product information with you maybe you can do another review when my product is available to you. My name is Gary Miller and my company is launching its first 5 in 1 home and travel fitness product next month called the ProUnit Performance Trainer. Once the site is up you can find us at until then find us on Facebook at the ProUnit Performance Trainer.

    The ProUnit is a 5 in 1 product…
    1) Foam Roller
    2) Ab Roller
    3) Rotating Push-up handles
    4) Ab Wheel
    5) Stretch Strap
    The other great advantage of the ProUnit is that since the tube is hollow you can put extra fitness products in the tube like fitness bands, jump rope, agility ladder, suspension straps…pretty much you can be creative even a mat wraps around outside for a place to work out on. The ProUnit Performance Trainer is the fitness tool of 2013.
    We are planning to launch Feb 1st so hopefully we can share the ProUnit with you then. Until that time please like our ProUnit Performance Trainer Page here on Facebook. We would love to share content as we grow.

  2. We’ve installed a lighthearted ‘no session unless you’ve foam rolled’ clause with our clients and after the initial grumbling, face pulling and grimacing, they’ve bought in. We now even see them in the gym rolling on their off days. What’s great to see is their attention to detail. Particularly enjoy them telling each other that if you don’t ‘make the face’, you’re not doing it properly.

  3. […] Today I wanted to post on foam rolling.  I’ve come across a few articles debating whether foam rolling is good or bad, and thought I’d share them with you.  The links I have for you include an article from Coach Charles Poliquin, and two pieces from Mike Boyle. […]

  4. Thanks for posting my comments coach. Much appreciated.

    In the end, all of us are working to get the best results possible.

    While we may not agree on HOW to do that, the intentions are the same. It is up to all of us to test what we currently believe and work to get better.

    rock on
    Mike T Nelson

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