New Rules of Lifting for Life

I generally not a fan of sequels. I liked the first Lord of the Rings and the first Star Wars. I have not liked many remakes in the music world ( Kenny Chesney’s covers of Brandy and Please Come to Boston excluded). However my friends Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Shuler have performed a Chesneyesque feat with New Rules of Lifting for Life.

I’ll make it simple. If you have purchased any of the New Rules series and liked it, buy this one. If you have not purchased any of the New Rules series buy this one. You won’t be disappointed either way. This will help trainers with clients or a fitness enthusiast looking to design his or her own program.

I know, you think this is just a promo because we all promote each others stuff. Wrong, check your records. I rarely do affiliate stuff for money. I promote things to you that I think will benefit you. So, click and buy and then write in later and tell me how right I was.


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