Try Functional Strength Coach 4 Free?

Try Functional Strength Coach 4.0 free for 30 days (just pay shipping), if you love the program you’ll be charged $199, which is the cost of the program and bonuses. If you decide that Functional Strength Coach 4.0 is not for you simply return it before 30 days and pay nothing. 


3 Responses to “Try Functional Strength Coach 4 Free?”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Jason- I think there is a big difference. Basically the stretches are forcing movement at end range. In something like a carioca you probably don’t get near end range. I think carioca’s are safe but still hate those stretches.

  2. Jason S. Says:

    I noticed in FSC 4.0 you stated you still do kariokas during your warm up. In FCS 3.0 you said you hated the Lying Leg (or bent leg) Cross-over Stretch because of the torque at the lumbar spine. I was just wondering how they are different. Granted I’m a “science guy” but when i see some performing a karioka it looks like high speed torsion which would be even worse for the lower back. Do you agree? If not, do you have specific cues that you use with your athletes to avoid that explosive torsion that can occur?

    FSC 4.0 is great! Thank you for providing us with this incredible tool (in my case, educational tool, in wich I hope to teach better personal trainers and sc coaches.)

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