Time to Increase Fat Intake?

The evidence is mounting. We have been close to 100% wrong about nutrition. I for one have gone back to buying whole milk and real butter. What is fake butter anyway?

How Low Fat Obsession Harms Health


Grain is the real problem, not fat.


10 Responses to “Time to Increase Fat Intake?”

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  2. Bill Ingemi Says:

    Some of the best info you can find on the saturated fat topic is on the Weston A. Price site and Sally Fallon. It’s the real deal and been gathreing credible info for years. Too simple. Real food no packages. Put a tub of margarine on the back deck and left it for 3 months. Nothing happened. No mold, no fungus, nothing. Even the racoons took a pass. Can it be any simpler.

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