More Evidence for Increased Fat Intake?

Wow, another day and even more evidence that we may be wrong about the whole high carb- low fat thing. Do we really need more evidence than the evidence we see walking around every day?

Saturated Fats May Not be All That Bad?


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  1. Max Prokopy Says:

    Did anyone read this study? Low-carb led to a whopping 1% decline in HbA1C over a year (non-significant). Both groups lost the same weight. The researchers failed to measure or account for physical activity, and did not statistically account for multiple testing issues. There is no report of insulin changes over the entire study which means the initial low-carb drop likely normalized but they didn’t want to report the data because it was insignificant. This study does nothing to suggest a benefit.

    So what result are we discussing?

  2. Max Prokopy Says:

    Amyjoe – go to pubmed and search – it’s there but takes careful sifting.

    The new Lancet study on high HDL having no CVD benefit will be interesting. It’s got some pretty complex methods and I’m skeptical of the conclusions (i.e., don’t bother looking at HDL any more). However, it will get publicity.

    At this point in nutrition research, most every combination of everything has been done and it’s all a mess. The elephant in the room, and I think Coach Boyle accurately touches on it, is food quality and the value we’re placing on our food. I don’t care if you eat high carb or high fat, if 25% of your meals are eaten in the car, trouble is on the horizon. If you have “real” foods, cook them yourself and eat socially, your chances are looking good. It’s not hard to figure our obesity rate when we spend less on food than any other industrialized nation.

  3. amyjobeaver Says:

    Agreed. Its scary. I think a lot of the issues you listed are related to the quality of food, or lack thereof, we put in our bodies. That is why I enrolled with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to absorb as much as I can and hopefully help change the direction our country is moving. For one our government hasnt created a good guideline for health with the Food Guide Pyramid which is slowly getting better but still influenced by big industry interests. Then there are GMOs (which many people arent educated on) and all of the junk in our supermarkets. When we undernourish our bodies with processed and non-nutient dense foods, we crave and eat more which I think is one of the biggest issues. Then add toxicity from pesticides,stress, and more. Sorry to go on a rant. But yes, there is a lot to tackle in nutrition and I think its good to keep on top of research and epidemilogical data.

  4. I wish they would have some link to their sources or even some articles going further into some details of the study. I know it will be published and it is very good information but I already want to know more.

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    My problem is that the trends are scary. Obesity, diabetes, autism, food allergies. Something has to be wrong with the way we eat. I don’t have the answers but, I’m sure looking.

  6. amyjobeaver Says:

    Id be interested to see a study comparing high-fat/low carb and low fat/high carb diets on those with Type 2 Diabetes compared to the same diets on fit individuals. While I believe some fats are good, I also have studied diets like the Okinawans who eat very high carb low fat and, in past, have had some of the healthiest people in the world. I thought I had read a study about the affect of carbs on different body types/BMIs. Have you seen anything like this?

  7. The exercise more/eat less mentality combined with the low fat/high carb diet has been an epic failure. We need more influential strength coaches like yourself preaching this message! Keep it up Mike!

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