I’ve started to get some questions from folks who are viewing Functional Strength Coach 4. Rather than answer a bunch of individual emails I decided to answer here.

The first questions comes from a viewer in the UK

Q- I have an small issue at one of my jobs, I work at a sports academy  and get groups in their lesson blocks (5 lesson blocks a day, no lesson then they have S+C or basketball skill with technical coaches) often they run a little late for various reasons, while it would make my life easier just to kick them out if they are not on time it’s not always possible or reasonable as it is not always their fault and unaviodable. How do you deal with this at your facility?Do they  jump in, get sent home, play catch up, or do you cut out stuff?

A- This is a great question that contains the answer. At MBSC the answer would be a,c, d if this were a multiple choice test. The one thing we don’t do is send kids home. I would be stricter in a school environment than in a private facility. Years ago we had the kids ride bike sprints if they were late. We thought being on time was important. We almost learned a hard lesson when a group of six kids were in a minor accident rushing to the gym to avoid bike sprints. Luckily no one was hurt but, lesson learned. I’d rather have kids safe at the gym than kids be on time. In a school I would deal case by case. Excused or unexcused? Unexcused? I think you do need to have some sanctions but I hate making kids run. I don’t like the association of exercise to punishment. Maybe a clean up task etc?


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  1. gavaroonichoppypops Says:

    I also try to use the ‘extra exercise is a reward not a punishment’ mantra.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    What a cool idea.

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  3. I’m not sure if this will help, but I kniow that when I was running boot camps in Nashville, I assigned different people after each session to come up with a 15 minute segment of their own and execute it the next session, explaining the importance of each exercise along with a proper demonstration. I joked about how I was so lucky to be able to have a group willing to do my work for me, but the reality was they LOVED doing it. They got there early to practice it, and everyone showed up because they knew it would be rude to not to when it was ‘Stephen and Lindsay’s’ turn to be the coach, and they became more involved in the learning process. I gained so much in the process. Give your people a task and have some faith in them–thew magic will unfold. (These people loved it so much, they were the same group that kept coming back each month and stuck with me the whole time)

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