Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Providence

Here we go again. I think this is either the third or fourth year I have written my handicapping article for the PB Summits. On June 1-3 the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals continues. As I said in all of these, if you don’t get to one of these seminars every year you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint from attendees at a Perform Better Summit continues to be about the depth of speakers. It’s so tough that some people are buying the Perform Better Seminar Pass http://www.performbetter.com/catalog/matriarch/OnePiecePage.asp_Q_PageID_E_385_A_PageName_E_PBSeminarPass

and attending two Summits. It’s always tough for me too but, just like you I have to choose. You can download the schedule first . You have to go almost to the bottom left of the page to click on View Daily Schedule

Here are my recommendations on a session by session basis:

Note- Every year I say the same thing. I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. Just my opinion. I’m coming to learn, not to get a workout. I may go to a hands-on but, not to get a workout. I’ll go to a hands-on to get “hands on” experience with techniques but, not to get a workout. Save your workout for another day and get some knowledge to help your clients and athletes

Friday June 1st

9:15- Easy decision. My hands-on is at 9:15. If you haven’t already heard me at this years  one day, come to mine. I like it when the room is full. We’ll be going through lots of hands-on progressions with me and a lot of my staff. Lots of coaches on the floor helping. Already saw me at the One Day ( probably not, I cut back a bit this year), go see Lee Burton.

10:45- Colin Aina is new this year and boy did he get a tough draw. For lectures choose between Dan John and Thomas Myers. Two very different speakers. Dan is a nuts and bolts, in the trenches guy. Thomas is one of the most interesting guys on the agenda. If you are on the rehab side, go see Thomas. On the coaching side, go see Dan. Lee Burton gets a tough draw for his hands on also.

1:00- After lunch you are simply going to have another tough choice. Alwyn Cosgove or Gray Cook? Tough call. Newcomer Chad Waterbury does his hands on on power training while Eric Beard tackles flexibility. Eric had great reviews last year. I think we’ll see an even split after lunch

2:30- I have to admit, I hope I get a big crowd for my lecture but based on the competition I’m not sure. This is as tough as it has ever been. I’m up against Dan John, Thomas Myers, and a John Berardi lecture. I will just tell you that this will be some of the most practical and useable information that you will get. Learning why we need change and how to do it.

4:00- Gray, Alwyn, Chad Waterbury and Eric Beard face off again. I say lecture first so choose between Chad Waterbury and Alwyn. I’ve never heard Chad lecture but have enjoyed his writing.

5:30- PB is trying something new here and has swapped Thom Plummer’s reality based comedy show with a professional comedian. Tom Wilkins Fitness Comedian. Laugh Your Abs Off should be very funny.

Saturday June 2nd

8:00- Saturday starts off right where Friday left off with tough choices. For Saturday I’m going to start with a contrarian recommendation. I have said lectures over practicals but go see Todd Wright. Todd is one of the funniest speakers on the tour but, more importantly he is doing some really innovative stuff with multi-planar movement. I think in this case you need to see it and do it. Everyone at this hour is excellent but I think Todd’s is unique.

9:45- 11- Two great lectures and two great hands-ons. This is one of those times where I ask you what you are interested in? If you train females, go see Rachel. Fighters, Martin. The sleeper here is Michol Dalcort, one of my favorite speakers. We brought him into MBSC and the staff loved it.

11-12:15-  At eleven, go see Vern Gambetta. He might not be the happiest guy at the Summit but he’s still one of the living legends. He might say some things you don’t like but, you have to take the good with the bad on this one.

1:15-2:30-. If you work with females, see Rachel other wise, go see Mark Verstegen. Mark’s a little young for me to call a legend but he is one of the real innovators in our field. Two lecture votes at 1:15

2:45-4 – I’m going to flip here and say go to either Mark or vern’s hands on. I think both will be excellent. Two really great teacher-coaches doing their thing head to head.

4:35- Q+A. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity.

Sunday  June 3rd

8- Sunday is a great day. The same six guys fill three time slots. I had Kelly Starett at MBSC and he was excellent. Any way you slice it you are only going to hear three of the six. At eight, my first choice is Kelly’s lecture. I know he is a Crossfitter but he is a rarity, a smart Crossfitter. If you are dealing with team sport athletes Lee’s lecture is an option.

9:30-10:45- This might be as tough a slot to select a session as any all weekend. It comes back to the old tired “what are you interested in” thing. Pick one, you won’t be disappointed. I’m interested to see how Joe Dowdell does. Joe’s a great guy who is new to the Summit’s.

11- 12:45- The weekend ends the way it began with tough choices. This might be another time I will recommend a hands-on as my top two choices in this slot . I would love to see both Lee and Greg. As I said last year I can see why a few attendees come more than once. You would need to come three times to see everything you want. Hope my recommendations help again this year.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Eric- sorry, a little to busy to handicap these days. Enjoy the usual suspects. Gray etc.

  2. Mike, would you provide your recommendations for Long Beach this week?

  3. June 29, 30, July 1st. Thanks

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    What weekend is it?

  5. Mike – I know you aren’t going to be at the Chicago Perform Better Summit, but can you handicap that one as well?


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