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Testing Young Athletes?

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I got this question on my Forum. I thought the answer might benefit some non-members who read this blog.

Question ( from a member)- I want to put a simple testing battery together to track progress and use as retention tool. This would be for 13 and under.

I was thinking of the following:
10m sprint
Push ups (1min)
Squats (1min)
Chin ups

Answer – Just FYI. Test if you want to discourage business. Kids don’t want testing, parents do. Kids want to have fun and get better in a nonjudgmental environment.

I am 100% convinced that a huge part of our success at MBSC is that we don’t test. We have continued to grow our business while many of the “improve your 40 time or get your money back” places have closed down. Hate to sound too touchy-feely but this business is much more about building community and self esteem than about test results. The sooner we get that the more successful we will be.