Another Reason I’m Not A Crossfit Fan

I have often said that one of my major issues with Crossfit is the phony macho, tough guy attitude. Unfortunately, some Crossfitters continue to reinforce my opinion. Take a moment and read this. I’m sure Reebok is thrilled with the publicity.

6 Responses to “Another Reason I’m Not A Crossfit Fan”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Sounds like you are in a good one. Keep up the smart work.

  2. Max Prokopy Says:

    I agree Crossfit is not the cause…people are people. Maybe Crossfit is a high profile avenue for fools to act like fools. Just as disturbing as the behavior of a few people was this quote:

    According to Wolf, “CrossFit HQ has a history of kicking out and de-affiliating people … for simply requesting some level of quality control.”

    Let’s keep in mind the Crossfit Games are nationally televised and the stadium was absolutely packed. This is a big “movement.” It’s a good thing in lots of ways but I worry the money and flash in the pan approach will spell further trouble, vis a vis injury and quality control.

  3. Gabrielle Cooney Says:

    Well like anything else you’re going to find your good and bad in it, I’ve been part of a CrossFit gym for 3 yrs and I personally have never done anything injure myself. I know my ability and lack of, I also have a brain and a voice! One of the CrossFit motto’s is to take you out of your comfort zone, believe me if I’m not comfortable with a workout i’m not going to do it. To me it’s all about getting into shape and being healthy, not hurting yourself! I’ve never been in better shape and I’ve never been more excited about working out before I started CrossFit. I’m not a vain person and neither are my fellow CrossFitters, we’re just into having fun, but getting into shape at the same time! Sorry for the bad impression others have made!

  4. Mark Cole Says:

    The cockiness of the people in that photo is just disturbing. My disgust for Crossfit keeps growing and growing. I found out recently that I have 3 cousins who are Crossfit coaches, one is a chiropractor, and another is studying to become a physical therapist. And I know I’ve come across other DC’s and PT’s who associate themselves with Crossfit and it confuses me and makes me sick to my stomach that people who are supposed to be part of the solution choose to associate themselves with something that has a reputation for doing idiotic things that get people hurt. Makes me think that they’re just in it for the money and by associating themselves with Crossfit they are really just trying to get more clients in their facility.

  5. gus marone Says:

    the problem with cross-fitters in general is the idea that they all become instantaneous athletes by engaging in their ridiculous workouts
    if you can endure the workout then you are an athlete…the idea of training should be to stimulate muscle growth ,not to see how much you can endure or tolerate

  6. Geoff Davis Says:

    Very sad, but thanks for posting. CrossFit is not the cause of the problem, but there is a disturbing correlation. Strength is also a character trait. By measuring themselves against the weak, these CrossFitters have made themselves look vain and scared.

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