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Get Ready for More Post-Olympic Foolishness

Posted in Injuries, Low Back Pain, MBSC News, Media, Random Thoughts on July 30, 2012 by mboyle1959

Swimmers flipping tires, sprinters on the leg press? I think the Olympics may set training back ten years. Sadly the media loves “catchy clips”. I saw a swimmer tonight toss a keg ( seriously, I saw it), flip tires, and do ropes. Not sure I would do any of that with any of my athletes, much less an Olympian but who knows. Later I got an email from a friend who saw a clip of Usain Bolt on a leg press. Another exercise I had hoped was dead and buried. Oh well, get ready for clients to come in tomorrow wit the “why don’t we do ____”. I for one will be glad when these games are over.