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Out of the Mouths of Babes

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I showed this video to my seven year old.

Crossfit MOM

His response was simple but brilliant. “If she drops that the baby will need stitches”. How can a seven year old get it and the Mom can’t?


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The other day we passed 800,000 views. I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and to subscribe. I never envisioned this but I guess in the pre-internet days, who did.

Lessons from Inside Out Coaching

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If you coach athletes, you absolutely have to read Inside Out Coaching. We just spent over $300 on twenty copies for our entire staff and I’ll tell you it will be worth it. The insight we gain as a staff will pay that money back many times over.  Author Joe Ehrmann is an ex-NFL player who teaches and preaches what he calls Transformational Coaching. The book is filled with great lines like “sports don’t build character unless a coach possesses character and intentionally teaches it“. That was on page 13. Over the next week we’ll explore more gems from Inside Out Coaching.


Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

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The past few days I learned one of life’s hard lesson. In Ben Franklin’s words “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. I always thought of this in terms of work, not relationships. This Saturday I lost one of my dearest and oldest friends. My high school teammate and college roommate Richie Angelo passed away during a triathlon. It’s been a tough few days with lots of thinking. I have more resolve than ever to slow down and try to do the things that are truly important. I will try to be a better friend, a better father, a better husband. Not by providing but by my presence. It’s so hard to find something positive in a time like this but, I am going to use Richie’s passing as a lesson in love and friendship.  I did not talk to him enough or see him enough the past thirty years. We always talked about get togethers that never happened. We were both busy entrepreneurs with lots of irons in fire. However, that does not change the fact that I did not see him enough. If you miss someone, call them today. If you’ve been planning to see someone, see them. They might be gone tomorrow.

The Secrets

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A young strength coach emailed me today and asked the secrets to becoming a great strength coach so I started a list:

1-    Get up early. The old expression “if you snooze you lose” is literal. The thing you lose most is time to get better.

2-    Show up for work early. Be at least five minutes early and get to work setting up and making everyone’s life easier.

3-    Stay late at work. Clean up and set up for tomorrow’s session.

4-    Do more than is asked of you every day. Never walk by a wrapper on the floor. If the bathroom is dirty, clean it. People notice extra effort.

5-    Care, about everything. Nothing is too small. Every kid, every client matters.

6-    Smile.

7-    Learn names.

8-    Brush your teeth every morning and after lunch. There is absolutely nothing worse than being coached by someone with bad breath.

9-    Floss. See above.

10-Use deodorant. Body odor is a close second to bad breath.

11-Wear clothes that fit.  Look professional, not like you escaped with your little brother’s ( or sister’s) clothes.

12- Read 1 hour a day ( split between self help and professional stuff)

13- Don’t waste time eating lunch. An exception is lunch with a colleague you don’t know well.

14-Don’t waste time on the internet. The internet is useful but who cares what someone had for breakfast.

15- Don’t waste time training ( do what you need to do, it’s not about you anymore)

16- Condition with your athletes but don’t lift with them. Lifting with them is a distraction. Conditioning with them is true bonding.

17- Take out your facial piercings. People judge so get used to it.

18- Resist the urge to get a tattoo, or resist the urge to get another tattoo. See above.

Want To Stink This Winter? I Have the Answer

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Catchy title? This article is for all you parents who are trying to help your kid get in shape for a winter sport. I spoke with a mom the other day who inspired me to write this. There is a saying I use often in my talks. It is in fact the title of this article.

If you want your child to perform poorly this winter I have the answer. The answer is cross country. I have had countless parents over the years tell me that they can’t figure out why little Janie or Johnny had such a bad winter sports season. They worked so hard in the fall, running all those miles.

Lets get some facts straight. There are no team sports where you run for miles at a time. Even if you actually “run” miles in a game, those miles are actually a series of sprints interspersed with a series of walks or jogs. In the case of a rare sport like ice hockey, you actually sprint and then sit down. Running long distances does not prepare you to run short distances. There is a concept in sport called sport specific training. The concept basically means that from a conditioning perspective the best way to condition for a sport is to mimic the energy systems of that sport. If the sport is sprint, jog , walk, than the training is sprint, jog , walk. Makes perfect sense

There is another very large concept to grasp here. It is simple. Train slow, get slow. The reality is it is very difficult to make someone fast and very easy to make someone slow. If you want to get an athlete slow, simply ask them to run slower, longer. Simple. They may be in shape, but it is the wrong shape.

Another problem with a steady state sport like cross country? Injuries. Did you know that something like sixty percent of the people who take up running get injured? Those are really crappy odds.

Last and certainly not least, who dominates in sports? The fastest athlete! The athlete with the highest vertical! Yes, conditioning matters but, train for the sport.  Lift weights, jump, sprint. Gain power. It takes years to gain strength and power. You can get in shape in a matter of weeks. Most kids are playing their sport at least a few times a week in the off season so strength and power are much bigger concerns than conditioning.

So this year, don’t give the gift of slowness, If you are not a cross country runner, don’t run cross country. If you like a nice outdoor run and don’t care about speed, be my guest. If you want to get faster and get in great sport condition than train the way the best athletes train. Use a combination of strength training and interval training to prepare properly.

More Trouble for Crossfit?

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As if Crossfit doesn’t have enough issues, check out this article.

Free Course from John Berardi

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Let’s face it, 90% of gym-goers seem to be after a single goal: fat loss. Those of you who read this blog know exercise alone doesn’t work. Without a dietary change, even the best program produces as little as half a pound of true fat loss per month. The combination of exercise AND nutrition coaching is much more effective, increasing the rate of fat loss 3-5X. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

To get you up-to-speed, Dr. John Berardi is offering you a crash course on state-of-the-art nutrition coaching. Dr. Berardi’s a friend of mine, a renowned researcher, and a pioneer in the field of nutrition coaching.  Trust me, the course is absolutely worth checking out and it’s completely free.

The course is called “The Essentials of Nutrition Coaching.”

In the course you’ll learn:

  • How to include nutrition in a training, coaching or therapeutic environment
  • How to quickly and accurately assess the nutritional needs of a new client
  • How to devise a nutrition plan based on that assessment
  • What stats to measure and how exactly to measure them
  • How to optimize a nutrition plan based on those stats

… and in short, how to help your clients lose fat 3-5X as fast as they are now.

The course is entirely free. It’s now available. And you can access it by clicking this link:

To learn more about state-of-the-art nutrition coaching, this is one course you won’t want to miss.

You may get this as an email from a bunch of people. You also we be encouraged to take further courses. I like full disclosure. However, take advantage of John’s free offer. I happen to think he is the number one guy in the field. Simple, practical stuff. Don’t get put off by multiple emails, just click the link above.

I Love This Story

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It’s a mad world. Oscar Pistorius has to fight to run in the Olympics because his artificial limbs might present an advantage? God is great, beer is good and people are crazy, to quote a great country song. It is amazing that someone could argue with a straight face that having both legs amputated in the first year of life could provide an advantage. What it provides is inspiration and hope for everyone who might think they got dealt a bad hand in life. Best of luck Oscar, I hope you win gold.

Lifelong Patient Syndrome

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Sometimes no one can make you better. They can only make you smarter. We cannot undo the sand through the hourglass or turn back the hands of time. Years of wear and tear on the body are like miles on a car. No one can turn back the odometer. You can only figure out how to drive the gradually aging car better. In my business I see a fair amount of people with what I call “lifelong patient syndrome”. They spend every day searching for the magic pill, or the magic chiropractor, or the magic exercise, or the magic doctor. They think ‘one more surgery” or “a different approach”. They always seem to be either hurt, rehabbing or doing what hurt them in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to stay active you have to make choices. I have often used the analogy of getting your hand slammed in a car door. It hurts. A lot. No one says “I can’t wait to get healthy so I can go back to slamming my hand in the door”. Why don’t we think that way about running, or bench pressing. When you know what hurt you, why do you go back to it ? Why is it not like the car door.

When I was young I loved playing sports. I loved lifting heavy weights, playing endless hours of basketball. Eventually I even enjoyed going for a run on the Charles River. I can no longer do so many of my favorite things. I long for them but don’t look for a magic bullet that will allow me to do them again. I know the magic cure does not exist. Time heals all wounds except those caused by time.

At 52 I’m happy. I can work. I can demonstrate every exercise I need my athletes to do. I can play with my kids. I can take a swim, play catch ( but not for too long) and go for a walk. Please do yourself a favor. Accept the things you can no longer do with grace. Save on your medical bills and your time and accept that aging is a process that begins all too soon.