25 Random Things About Me- Repost

A couple of these aren’t true anymore but it still makes interesting reading.

1-    My wife is my best friend.

2-    I thought I loved my dog until my first child was born.

3-    I’m beginning to believe in Karma. I think the more you give the more you get.

4-    I might be one of the luckiest people in the world.

5-    My father is in the Boston University Athletic Hall of Fame.

6-    I have an office in Agganis Arena. Agganis Arena was named for Harry Agganis arguably the greatest athlete in BU history. In a strange twist, my father was captain and center on the BU Football Team when Harry Agganis was a sophomore quarterback.

7-    I’m very proud of my Dad but, I don’t tell people often enough. At 49 I’m still worried that it will sound like bragging. I know, it’s silly. He’s been dead over 20 years and I still meet his former students who tell me how much he changed their lives. Some have been sixty years old. If you drive by Malden High School you will see a sign that says Arthur P. Boyle Building.

8-    My Mom was in the Marines in World War II. According to my sister she drove celebrities around Europe for the USO.

9-    My best sport growing up was swimming but, I was a wanna-be football player.

10-Failure is a great teacher. Trying to get stronger to play football changed the path of my entire life.

11-I love to watch my daughter Michaela compete at anything. My weekend centers around her games.

12-I don’t really enjoy working out. I do it sparingly so I will not die or embarrass my business.

13-My son Mark is named for Mark Bavis. Mark was one of my favorite players and died on 9/11/2000.

14-I like beer, probably too much. I rarely drink alone so I consider myself a social drinker. At times I can be very social.

15-I don’t like many foods that are good for you. I dislike most fruits and probably don’t eat a piece of fruit a week.

16-I also don’t really like water.

17-I really like donuts. I would eat them every day except I don’t really want to be fat.

18-I consider myself an obsessive-compulsive with attention deficit disorder. I get a lot done but, need to do it in small increments. I have a file called “articles to be finished” with at least thirty articles in it.

19-My younger brother has two adopted children. I’m very proud of him.

20-I am a recovering work-a-holic. Some days my recovery is going better than others. I don’t have email on my phone to create some peace in my life.

21-I am obsessed with email. It has made my life easier and harder all at the same time.

22-I really love my kids. I kiss then every chance I get. I’m going to kiss my son on the lips until he tells me it’s “gross” or that I’m “queer”.

23-My nine year old daughter is rapidly approaching the “come on Dad, not in front of my friends” stage and I’m a bit sad.

24-If given the choice of spending time with my wife or anyone else, I always choose my wife.

25-I’ve worked at Boston University since January of 1983, I think. It was so long ago I’m not really sure.


3 Responses to “25 Random Things About Me- Repost”

  1. Melanie Driscoll Says:

    ADD with some OCD? I can relate to that one–big time. I am currently reading 6 books. I also have a multitude unfinished songs in my music folder (I know eventually they will be finished) The OCD part? Let’s just say I’m into neat and organized. I love this list.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    Thanks Maki. I’m getting better at being who I really am. It takes some time.

  3. Maki Riddington Says:

    Love #22. I told my wife that when our son was born there wasn’t a chance I would be kissing him. Men don’t to that. Now I can’t stop kissing him.
    Great article. It shows who you really are and is why you have such a big following.

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