I Love This Story

It’s a mad world. Oscar Pistorius has to fight to run in the Olympics because his artificial limbs might present an advantage? God is great, beer is good and people are crazy, to quote a great country song. It is amazing that someone could argue with a straight face that having both legs amputated in the first year of life could provide an advantage. What it provides is inspiration and hope for everyone who might think they got dealt a bad hand in life. Best of luck Oscar, I hope you win gold.



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  1. Is that true?

  2. however; ocsar was quick to criticize a fellow competitor who defeated him at the paralympics for having prosthetics that gave him an unfair advantage – ironic huh?

  3. It was great to see him race, and in the race that I saw he actually did quite well. Placed 2nd in that particular event if I remember correctly

  4. Dave Puloka Says:

    Not to mention it would seem he’s running at a disadvantage considering prosthetics can’t match the force production of bone and muscle:


  5. I agree 100%, and am floored that there is even an ounce of controversy about this. Ths guy is the epitome of human spirit, an incredible athlete, and an inspiration to everyone who sees him. And to top it off, he seems like a great human being, based on his post-race interview. Isn’t that all in keeping with the Olympic spirit?

  6. Melanie Driscoll Says:


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