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Let’s face it, 90% of gym-goers seem to be after a single goal: fat loss. Those of you who read this blog know exercise alone doesn’t work. Without a dietary change, even the best program produces as little as half a pound of true fat loss per month. The combination of exercise AND nutrition coaching is much more effective, increasing the rate of fat loss 3-5X. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

To get you up-to-speed, Dr. John Berardi is offering you a crash course on state-of-the-art nutrition coaching. Dr. Berardi’s a friend of mine, a renowned researcher, and a pioneer in the field of nutrition coaching.  Trust me, the course is absolutely worth checking out and it’s completely free.

The course is called “The Essentials of Nutrition Coaching.”

In the course you’ll learn:

  • How to include nutrition in a training, coaching or therapeutic environment
  • How to quickly and accurately assess the nutritional needs of a new client
  • How to devise a nutrition plan based on that assessment
  • What stats to measure and how exactly to measure them
  • How to optimize a nutrition plan based on those stats

… and in short, how to help your clients lose fat 3-5X as fast as they are now.

The course is entirely free. It’s now available. And you can access it by clicking this link:

To learn more about state-of-the-art nutrition coaching, this is one course you won’t want to miss.

You may get this as an email from a bunch of people. You also we be encouraged to take further courses. I like full disclosure. However, take advantage of John’s free offer. I happen to think he is the number one guy in the field. Simple, practical stuff. Don’t get put off by multiple emails, just click the link above.


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