Out of the Mouths of Babes

I showed this video to my seven year old.

Crossfit MOM

His response was simple but brilliant. “If she drops that the baby will need stitches”. How can a seven year old get it and the Mom can’t?

6 Responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes”

  1. Looks like the video’s been taken down. Sometimes the internet polices itself well.

  2. Oh my….no lifeguards in the gene pool I guess! Crossfit is big with a lot of my exercise friends (a new one opened up near us). I haven’t tried it yet due to a shoulder injury and the more i read about it, makes me a bit nervous.

  3. Looks like it was removed. It was a Crossfit mom front squatting with an infant in a front mounted carrier.

  4. Is there a link to this video? I would like to see it but when I click above it won’t come up. It is possible it’s my iPad. Thanks!

  5. What a horrible joke. Crossfit leaves me speechless every time.

  6. Melanie Driscoll Says:

    My heart just dropped. This makes me so upset. What makes it worse is the woman doing the commentary–she’s proud of what she’s seeing. Who’s the village idiot here? Obviously the “Crossfit Mommy”, but the woman behind the camera needs a slap.

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