People Don’t Always Grow Up, They Just Get Older

“maturity does not accompany age. Sometimes age comes alone”

John Maxwell

How many times have you met someone from high school and thought “wow, they haven’t changed a bit”? Sometimes that thought is a compliment, sometimes not. One thing I have concluded is that most people who were jerks in high school, are still jerks. Aging is a process of chronology not necessarily of growth. We will always age but we may never grow.

Do yourself a favor. Read the great self help books. Start with Dale Carnagie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People . Maybe move on to some Steven Covey or John Maxwell. It is important that we work on growing up as we grow old.


3 Responses to “People Don’t Always Grow Up, They Just Get Older”

  1. Corey- I can’t remember the number either but that is a scary stat. So I guess we could also say people get older and dumber?

  2. I forget the exact number, but its something like 80% of people never read one book after they graduate from college. Im sure that trainers and coaches are similar. The ones that succeed are the ones that are constantly growing, learning and improving themselves and their training.

  3. Steven Head Says:

    Amen, Michael. Reminds me of a quote by Mohammed Ali I believe, something to the effect that a man at 50, if his thinking is the same as it was a t 20, has wasted 3 decades….

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