Crossfit Dads?

I know everyone thinks I’m a Crossfit hater. In reality maybe I just don’t like stupidity. This looks like child endangerment to me disguised as macho lifting. I know I will get a bunch of crap as usual for posting this but if people like me don’t, who will. Poor Reebok. Nice banner.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I love to post replys like this. It strengthens my case.

  2. Janaya Close Says:

    Hi, I am a CrossFit athlete and I can see where you are coming from, however if you look at the facts and do the math that barbell is anywhere from #115 to #145. To put that into perspective the fittest WOMAN(as in FEMALE) has a snatch of #158. Looking at that man even #145 should not be super heavy. He is in control and has good form soooo…… SUCK IT haters of X-Fit!!!!!!!!!!! just sayin’
    Also all my weights are in pounds.

  3. haha, I like it. I need to be more productive with my life and stop wasting my time tearing apart crossfit. It’s too easy, and I’ve only been in this business for a year. I have clients now that are telling me my thoughts on p90x, insanity, etc etc, and when I try to explain them the benefits of self-myofascial release before every workout, proper warmup protocols, and proper progressions lifting weights they look at me like I’m crazy. I Just tell them their body will thank them and more so later in life đŸ™‚

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    Good joke. I like it.

  5. Question – How can you tell if someone does crossfit?

    Answer- They tell you.

  6. You gotta be kidding me. This is beyond keeping this a fitness discussion . Maybe i’m old school but this guy needs a “dope slap”.
    Being a dad my self ,I look at things a little differently. Pay your baby sitter $10 dollars and bang out your work out in 45 minutes .
    I’ll pay. I pray the CF people look to this the same way as I or this world has gone crazy.
    REEBOX has really bet on a long shot .

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