Crossfit Dads?

I know everyone thinks I’m a Crossfit hater. In reality maybe I just don’t like stupidity. This looks like child endangerment to me disguised as macho lifting. I know I will get a bunch of crap as usual for posting this but if people like me don’t, who will. Poor Reebok. Nice banner.


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  1. Stupidity has no limits.

  2. Paul Cook Says:

    I would never ever do that to any kid let alone mine. Even worse taking a picture of it and posting it on the web says a lot about the crossfit mentality

  3. Why do people insist on using the word “hater”? Have you even given any thought as to what the word stands for? I don’t see any hate in Mike’s post. I see somone standing up for what they believe in and in this case it’s to bring awareness to others that Crossfit, although is beneficial to some (he says this repeatedly throughout many of his posts…I don’t see how people could miss the part about Crossfit being ok for select people?), it is wrong to display such ridiculous and inexcusable behavior like in the picture above–especially when it involves an infant. Who cares if it’s photoshopped or not? What message do you think that sends? I personally feel that no matter how many people try and defend Crossfit, and say it has nothing to do with these pictures(which clearly indicate that Crossfit and Reebok are involved), I still would not be convinced that it is safe training. This is an opinion. So is this article. How is that “hate”? Hate is a very strong word. Think about it.

  4. Clearly you can look at this picture in many different ways. It might just be a quick shot and the baby is removed from the picture. It might actually be a full workout, who knows. Regardless of how you view this picture do you actually think it’s smart? Take out all the crap about hating cross Fit or loving cross Fit, is this actually a smart thing to do? The answer is NO. So the point of the post is to acknowledge that this isn’t a smart thing to do.

    Cross Fit can be very beneficial for some people. For others not so much. There are so many issues to look at before someone can just jump right in to WOD’s. If you study the body (muscles, nervous system, spine etc) you can understand that some things cross Fit does really goes against medical research and common sense. That by no means says that some trained athletes or newbies trying to learn cross Fit methodology can’t participate. It just puts individuals at a great risk (whether or not they get hurt is a different story it’s just stating that they are at a greater risk). When “training”, not participating in a particular sport, you want to try and REDUCE the risk of injury. That’s pretty much training 101. That is where some people differ on cross Fit.

    Lastly, it is unfortunate that some Cross Fits give the organization a bad name. That is not fair to the individuals who work hard and try to do things right. BUT at the same time that is a flaw in the whole system. It’s not right allowing someone with no training experience to become certified over the weekend and the opportunity to open up a box three days later. That’s not very responsible and unfortunately it reflects negatively on Cross Fit.

    No matter which side you are on just try and understand the other sides POV. They both can make sense.

    Great post Mike

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    Sara-1- I don’t watch the Crossfit games
    2- Training should be safe. I realize sports have injury risk but, in spite of what Crossfit says, truing is not a sport. It is a vehicle to improve sports performance or to improve health.

    PS- I’m surprised you are the first Crossfitter to post.

  6. Once again people are over reacting.

    This guy probably put the kid on for the photo then unstrapped him. I highly doubt that he actually did a workout with his kid on. I agree that it’s stupid but you can’t single out this post as ‘CrossFit Dads’. I mean seriously.

    The main problem with everyone hating on CF is that you lump every place into the same category. EVERY SINGLE CF gym is independently owned and operated. The appearance (no machines and lots of open space) may appear to be the same but what you get in terms of quality and service is vastly different from place to place.
    Its extremely unfortunate that the good places get lumped in with the bad but I guess thats just the way it is.
    The whole injury argument is total BS, saying that it’s dangerous etc. I know more people who have blown out their knees playing soccer or hockey than people who have gotten hurt doing CF.
    Every physical activity has some element of danger.

    All you haters are prob the same people who are now watching the CF games on ESPN in the evenings.

  7. mboyle1959 Says:

    Kyle- as a father, I would respectfully disagree. I spend lots of time with my kids and bring them to the gym but would never do what is pictured.

  8. What the hell does spending quality time with your child have to do with the selfish and inconsiderately moronic picture that is posted above? We need mopre of THAT!? Are you serious? Wow. That’s sad. I disagree. We need less of THAT and more of not being an idiot.

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