Are You a Know-It-All, or a Learn-It-All

I think in my early 20’s I was a bit of a know-it-all. In fact I’m sure of it. As I aged I realized how little I knew. I think in our twenties we are so sure of ourselves. We know everything. We say things like “I know…”. Now I say “I think…”. The funny part is as we get smarter we get criticized more. I laugh all the time when people accuse me of constantly changing my mind. Just FYI, it’s called learning and it is found in things like books and DVD’s and god forbid from real experiences with real people. I have switched from being a know-it-all to a learn-it-all. I hope it never stops.


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  4. I’m currently reading the book ‘mistakes were made, but not by me.” Good read. A book like this should be required reading for all students in school so they are always challenging what they believe. Too often people are too proud and invested in their belief system to want to change. My goal in life isn’t to be right. It’s to learn everyday. Learning never ceases unless you shut your mind down. Unfortunately more people than not do this. Critical thinking? who needs it!

  5. great advice mike, it’s called maturity too. cheers, brick

  6. Hence the reason why you are so cool, Mike. I hope you always keep changing your mind. (I wonder if I will be the 1st to comment?) 😉

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