More Great Gym Parenting

The sad part here is that these guys seem to think that what they are doing to this little boy is funny. This is disturbing. In all honesty, I flinched a few times. I actually would like to call DSS. I’m not even sure why I’m putting this up except to show the level of stupidity in our field.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I have yet to use the C-word in this post.

  2. what ever happened to rational thinking? i suppose “ego” got in the way. i definitly got in this guy’s way. and now, more than likely, this kid will have to pay the price down the line. i think the fitness industry needs more motherly women in it. and people over 30 years old with a lot of life experience. but i have this debate with many of my friends who have children. we often talk about whether or not sports are a good idea for all children. surely there are good and bad things with everything. but in the end, i remind them that most athletes careers are over, at best, by 30ish. surely there is much more kids can aspire to. we can only hope. but this will never be done without ethical teachers, parents and coaches and a system that supports and protects this. i will wish for the best…

  3. I was looking for a crossfit banner.

  4. A 23 month old isn’t going to be climbing a damn tree or fence…let’s be serious.

  5. I’m with Mike on this one. At that age, the parent still needs to be in “protect” mode. 8-10 years old, they have a lot more coordination and ability to handle the landing.

    Not knowing the individuals in this video, I wouldn’t doubt they are sacrificing their kids to show how cool they are. Unfortunately, too many people nowadays are willing to do stupid shit like this.

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    I’d still stop my kid from heights like that and certainly not encourage or applaud it.

  7. just to play devil’s advocate for a moment… what would ya’ll say if this happened outside of a gym environment?

    for climbing a fence/tree and the kid jumps down (they tend to do that, ya’ know)

  8. they both have never heard the term growth plate GREAT comment above Mark! what prevails in gyms presently with a plethora of uncertified trainers is not to far behind this cruel, absurdity. HOw to ruin future fitness or any genetic potential for poor Finn 101.

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