Kids, Obesity and Health- A National Crisis

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The Effect of Big Food and GMO’s on Children

4 Responses to “Kids, Obesity and Health- A National Crisis”

  1. Alonso Herrera Says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing. Not giving junk food to your kids is the best thing you can for them. Let them grow up healthy, if at 22 they want to eat like shit, at least they won’t be as screwed up if they started eating like that at five years old.

  2. But the story says nothing on the effects of GMO on children (and it would only be speculation!)

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    In the first two paragraphs she talked about the California law to force GMO labeling. You have no idea how much GMO food our kids eat. It’s really scary.

  4. What was the point of adding the GMO part to the title? Wasn’t addressed in the context inferred was it?

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