What Do You Make?

The point in the title of this blog post  ( What Do You Make?) might have hit me more than any other point in Joe Ehrmann’s book Inside Out Coaching . On page 239 Ehrmann relates a story based on a poem by Taylor Mali about “what do you make?”. The story made me proud of  the long hours I worked for so many years. The story also made me feel better about the strange looks I received from my friends when they saw me bar tending at thirty years old. I can remember feeling a little embarrassed, maybe a lot embarrassed, by the looks that said “boy I didn’t think Mike Boyle would end up a thirty year old bartender”. I wanted to scream. “This is my second job!. My other job is really important and I really make a difference and I’m really good at it”. Of course, I never did.

In the book a man responds to a rude question about “what he makes” with the following.

” I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make them push through self imposed limits… I make them competitive and teach them how to win with humility and lose with honor… I make a difference”.

What do we make? We make a difference.


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  1. Awesome. People are quite literally stupid; they don’t know what’s going on, or why you *appear* to be under the circumstances you’re currently in. Loving the lesson of this post.

  2. […] came across a quote yesterday on Mike Boyle’s blog that answers this question beautifully.  It’s from Joe Erhmann’s book InSideOut […]

  3. Great post Mike. We all make a difference. Question is whether it’s a positive one or a negative one. InSideOut Coaching is a great read and I thank you Mike for bringing it to my attention several posts ago. ~ David

  4. maki riddington Says:

    I picked this book up after reading a blog posting of you praising this book. I’ve started reading it and it is excellent!

  5. Inspiring. 🙂

  6. Mike,
    Succinct and so true. Not many that can truly make that claim.
    Bruce Kelly

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