Advances in Functional Training in German

Advances in Functional Training is also available in German ( so is Functional Training for Sports).

You can order both here for your German speaking friends.


5 Responses to “Advances in Functional Training in German”

  1. I’d love to get it translated into Spanish. We have to find a publisher. It’s sad that there is so little good info in Spanish.

  2. Is it in spanish too?! That would be great! If not, here I am to translate it 😉

  3. Brooks Barron Says:

    Birmingham, AL

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    Brooks- where are you located?

  5. Coach,
    I think what you do makes a world of difference to thousands of people each day. I am a sports performance coach for many middle school and high school age athletes, and I have become addicted to listening to your podcast. I watch just about everytime i can and I think it is awesome that you have a family tree of coaches that got into the same field as you. You make a world of difference! Will you ever be coming down to the Southeastern US? If you did I am sure you could do a world of good here too.

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