The Last Lesson from Inside Out Coaching

I have posted at least five lessons from a book that is my favorite of this year, Inside Out Coaching. The following is Joe Ehrmann’s  adaptation of a poem I have blogged about before called Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte

Players Learn By How I Coach

If I coach with hostility- my players learn to be hostile

If I coach with ridicule- my players learn to disengage

If I coach with shame- my players learn to be ashamed

If I coach with sarcasm- my players learn to hide

If I coach with love- my players learn how to be loved

If I coach with tolerance- my players learn how to be patient

If I coach with encouragement- my players learn how to encourage

If I coach with empathy- my players learn to express their feelings

If I coach with compassion- my players learn to care about others

If I coach with praise- my players learn to value themselves

If I coach with fairness- my players learn justice

If I coach with affirmation- my players discover their full potential

If I coach with acceptance and friendship- my players learn how to find and give love in their relationships.


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    I am reading the book, InsideOut Coaching by Joe Ehrmann, as recommended by Coach Mike Boyle. The excerpt makes you think about how we are peceived as leaders, coaches and parents.

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