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Advances in Functional Training in German

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Advances in Functional Training is also available in German ( so is Functional Training for Sports).

You can order both here for your German speaking friends.

Advances in Functional Training in Italian?

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Ok, I’m bragging a little but this is cool.

To order a copy in English you go to or, click this link Advances in Functional Training


10 Minutes of Fun

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I haven’t posted Airdyne intervals in a while. This morning five of us did;

8 x. 5 mi.

I was under 1:15 on all 8. Rest was 1-1. It is amazing how hard only ten minutes of work can be. Give it a try but maybe start at 4 and add one per week.

PS- Big fan, new computer. The old computer would have me at 1:20 on each.

Nine Reasons I Swear

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This is another Joe Ehrmann classic from Inside Out Coaching. I’ll simply print the list from page 204.

Nine Reasons I Swear

It pleases my mom so much

It is a display of my manliness

It proves I have great self control

It indicates how clearly my mind functions

It makes conversation so pleasant

It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to my upbringing

It impresses people

It makes me a very desirable personality to women and children

It is an unmistakable sign of my culture and refinement

Next time I am at a loss for words, I’m going to try to choose better ones.

Read Inside Out Coaching.